General Information

We are aware of the issues involved in the sensitivity of each one’s personal data, which is why Sertim uses all the means at its disposal to protect and respect your privacy. Our privacy policy (which you are currently reading) describes the types of data we collect from our visitors, their purposes, sharing, retention, and the rights that our visitors may have about them.

Data collection

  • When is your data collected?
  • Sertim collects your data when you use its contact form to request information or submit suggestions. Sertim also needs to gather some information about you in order to provide you with a better quality of service, a processing of your requests as soon as possible, a disposal of all our technical documents 24/24, 7days/7 and eventually contact you later for possible collaboration.

  • What personal information do we collect about you?
  • The data that sertim needs to improve its quality of service are generally:

    • Your name and surname
    • Your company name
    • Your email address
    • Your phone number
    • Your address (number and street name, city, postal code and country)

  • Anonymous navigation
  • Our visitors can still visit our site without providing us with any personal data. However, they will not be able to benefit from certain services that we offer such as access to technical documents, tailor-made quotes, etc.

  • Withdrawal of consent
  • Sertim will never oblige its visitors to provide personal information about them. The decision to do so is voluntary. It depends entirely on our visitors. They may withdraw their consent at any time by contacting us at

Using collected data

All information collected about you is not intended for commercial purposes. They will not be sold or shared to third parties / companies outside Sertim without your consent.
The purpose of this collection is to provide quick and efficient quotes to our customers and to ensure a quick response to any request. In the policy of our continuous improvement, we can generally analyze the data collected to adapt our services according to the needs of our customers.
To ensure maximum transparency with respect to the data, our users have full control over the information we have collected about them and they may, if they wish, enforce their right to modify, delete and / or anonymisation of personal data.
Sertim also protects the privacy of its customers by first verifying identity before allowing access or modification of any type of data.

How long do we keep the data we collect?

All personal information is kept on the outlook clouds. At any time you can ask us to view, modify and update your personal information by writing to us at . You can also ask us to interrupt the processing of your data and the deletion of all of them by writing to us at the same address. We keep the personal data for the time necessary to provide our services and the processing of your request unless you specify otherwise. In order to continually improve our service and if there is no request to delete your personal information, it may be kept for a very long or indefinite period.

What are your rights to your data?

You have all rights to the data we collect about you. You can always write to :

  • To access, delete, modify or update personal data about you (for example, if you think your personal information is incorrect, you can ask to have it corrected)
  • To ask us to stop analyzing your data in order to improve the quality of our service

Contact Us

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy or the information we collect about you, or if you believe that your privacy has been If you do not comply with this Privacy Policy, you can contact us at