Cables and electrical connections are paramount in all industrial installations and technical systems. In order to best protect Sertim has developed a host of innovative and intelligent solutions.

To protect themselves from mechanical abrasion, moisture, aggressive chemicals or any other outside attack, there are simple and braided sleeves made of different materials. For all fields of application.

We also offer a multitude of way of closures , since the Z closures or D with precision pliers effective to the closing “velcro” practices. They are distinguished by their quality workmanship and their good reliability.

PictureProduct ReferenceDescription Thickness (mm)Product file
tableaugps63GPSPVC tubing0.3
tableaugpGPPVC tubing,0.5
tableauvnlVNLBoth sides vinyl-coated PET-cloth0.3
tableauvnhVNHBoth sides vinyl-coated PET-cloth0.6
tableautreviraTREVIRAHalogen free0.4
zipper-kabelschutz-trevia ZIPVIRAHalogen free0.6
zipper-kabelschutz-zipwrapZIPWRAPSelf-closing wrap sleeving ,polyester
tableauzflexZ-FLEXFor single or multi-layered ribbon cables / PVC0.3
gaine-anneleeHFXSHalogen free

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