We offer a complete range of solutions for EMC protection.
These sheath reduce or eliminate electromagnetic interference. Composed of a mechanical protective sheath in resealable closure associated with a shielding and a ground braid for recovery.

The shield may consist of an aluminum foil, a shielding cloth covered Nickel / Copper by electrolysis or chainmail.

PictureProduct/ReferenceDescriptionDatasheetTable of attenuations
tableaush1SH1Aluminium shield laminated with PVC jacketpdfgris
tableaushx2SHX2Shielding tinned copper braid with PVC jacketpdfgris
tableaushccSH / CCNI/CU Shield with PVC jacketpdfgris
strevira02TREVIRA-SHX2Shielding tinned copper braid with free halogen Trevira jacketpdfgris
strevira02TREVIRA-ALAluminium shield laminated with Free halogen Trevira jacketpdfgris
tableauzshieldflexZ-SHIELD FLEXBraided tube, tinned copper foil on polyesterpdfgris
tableauzipmeshZIPMESHTin-plated copper-mesh tape with aluminium or copperpdfgris

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