The operating temperature of certain devices or machines can damage some sensitive components.Cables, lines, pipes and the sensors must be particularly protected from flames and heat.

To this, Sertim offers many solutions that range from the basic thermal protection to the patented high temperature protection, resistant to temperatures up to 650 ° C. Our fireproof pipes, our glass fabrics to thermo-reflective surface or our thermal protection tapes: all these products demonstrate our ability to develop products in almost any form and in almost all possible sizes.

And if an application field requires an individual solution, we can create a customized, using the form, materials, and the closure system that ensure optimal protection.

PictureProduct ReferenceEnvironment usageDescription Thickness (mm)Product file
tableaualp500ALP 500180 °c Aluminised PET-foil / Glass-fiber cloth0.4
tableaualp600ALP 600180 °c Aluminised PET-foil / Glass-fiber cloth0.85
ZIPSPOTZIPSPOT180 °c Aluminium foil / Glass cloth / Acrylic adhesive0.55
ZIPFLECT 2.5ZIPFLECT 2.5180 °c Aluminium foil / Preox fibers / HT adhesive2.3
ISOSAM300ISOSAM 300230 °c Aluminum foil / Feutre fibre 100% Preox / HT adhesive2.3
ISOVACUFLECT500ISOVACUFLECT 500240 °c Aluminum glass cloth / Alkyl silicon resin / 100% Preox fibers4.6
SAM1000SAM 1000240 °c Luminised foil / HT silicon adhesive / Glass cloth0.8
SAM400SAM 400250 °c Aluminised foil / HT silicon adhesive / Glass cloth0.25
SAM500SAM 500250 °c Aluminised foil/ HT silicon adhesive / Glass cloth0.45
ZETREFLECTFELT 3.0-3.5ZETREFLECTFELT 3.0270 °c PSA fibers / Aluminum foil bonded to glass3.0
ZETREFLECTFELT 3.0-3.5ZETREFLECTFELT 3.5270 °c PSA fibers /Glass-fiber cloth pretreated with alkyl silicon resin3.0
VACUFLECTVACUFLECT300 °c Glass-fiber cloth pretreated with alkyl silicon resin / Silicon0.4
ALR550ALR 550370 °c E-glass aluminised0.6
GRAPEXGRAPEXFLAME RETARDANTGlass-fiber cloth / Stainless steel filaments / Silicon / Expandable graphite0.97
AL520SIAL 520 SI250 °c Glass-fiber cloth / Silicon0.45
tableauanamethiprojacketHIPROJACKET260 °c Woven fibre-glass /Ironixyde silicon rubber, tubular3
tableauanamethiprotapeHIPROTAPE260 °c Woven fibre-glass / Ironixyde silicon rubber, stripes
tableauanamethiprosiltapeHIPROSILTAPE260 °c Silicon tape self-vulcanize and self-adhesive0.5

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