The company SERTIM is specialized in the field of cables protection sheath ,tablecloths, strands, sensors.
Manufacture company, since 1992 , of protection sheath , we are capable to provide you a complete and efficient range of solution for the mechanical,heat and electromechanical(EMI/RFI) protection.

Our design office allow us to make custom prototypes.
Our large range of raw material, allow us to provide you the most suitable products for your criteria.
The SERTIM team is at your disposal to help you to find which system best meets your requirement.
Our production tools can work on lot of matter, diameter ranging from 12 to more than 100 mm

Skill :
We provide you envelopes / protective sheaths for electric beams, and specific cover pieces on your demand in the environments :

  • Mechanical
  • Electromagnetic (CEM)
  • Thermal